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It's lovely to see you here and I'm so glad you landed on my page and that I get to share a little piece of myself with you. I know you're here to talk production, so I'll get right to it!


Right, so, I've been a photographer since 2010 and am currently based in NYC and Florida. Introduced to the art of photography at a young age, I quickly followed in the footsteps of my mother who worked primarily in the darkroom. Although I haven't worked much in a darkroom myself, I am completely self-taught in the digital world. I was originally trained in theater, which makes me yearn for the performance world where I do my part in helping actors create a great first impression. In recent years, I have expanded into video to keep up with the industry's demands. This has been such a fresh and exciting way to tell stories that I have now fallen in love with.


Many people hire me, not only for my skill or creative eye, but also because of my infectious smile, energy, and professionalism. I really aim to provide excellence through all aspects of the creative journey before, during and after the session. Making friends on set, creating a comfortable, fun experience, and achieving thoughtful imagery is always my goal.

On a more personal note, I still crave to build myself in many different creative avenues such as singing, acting, designing, crafting, event planning, traveling, you name it! Recently, I have produced an event called You Are Enough Pro-Actor Workshop which is geared towards creating confidence in young actors by training them in being young professionals in the tough entertainment industry.

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