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Natural Wonders of La Jolla Cove

La Jolla is one of the biggest recommendations I found when researching things to do in San Diego. I only got to visit the Cove and I’m so glad that it was the place I chose!

You see, sea lions and seals can be found here in their natural habitat… and there are TONS of them!

We must have stayed for at least a half hour checking out the laziest sea creatures on the planet. I wanted to snuggle with them, which isn’t a good idea. However, you can get pretty darn close.

I was very happy to be spending the day with some amazing humans, Rachel & Murat, who I met in the hostel. We quickly became quite the adventure team. We thought we took about 20 photos, just to be safe since we couldn’t see from sun glare. That was the only picture that was actually taken. Yay, technology! On our way to La Jolla, we determined each of us resembled an animal. Rachel was a tree frog (or a giraffe), Murat was a lehmer, and I was a black panther.

Do you see it now?

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